5.375 O.D. SHOCK SUB

5.375 O.D. SHOCK SUB

North Houston Machine, Inc.’s Shock Subs have cushions that are made from high density urethane.

Two units are cushions for upward shock and one for recoil. This prevents metal-to-metal contact.

Connections and diameters are made in about any combination.

Shock subs are made in sizes with replaceable shock elements as follows: 3.50 O.D., 4.0, 4.50, 5.0, 5.50, 5.75, 6.50, 7.0, 7.50, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 O.D.

NOTE: Wedgelock connections covered by N.H.M., Inc. U.S. and foreign patent NO. 5,409,324; 5,588,772; 187552; and P94100AU.