N.H.M., INC. has a complete modern machine shop that specializes in custom design products,
such as rotary heads, swivels, side feed and conventional, for air, water or mud drilling. Computer aided design and drafting are also used in the design and detail of all products.

Our custom designed and manufactured top head drives used with hydraulically operated drilling rigs develop torque up to 15,000 ft. lbs. Swivels can be furnished with either high pressure or low-pressure packing and different packing compounds.

Design and manufacture of custom swivels, drill pipe and tool joints for water and seismic drilling. A patented breakout system requiring no tongs or wrenches can be included. The breakout system can be either manual or automatic in operation.


Before purchasing, careful consideration should be given to the type and size of a swivel to insure the correct loads, shock loads and bearing capacity, which will increase the longevity of each swivel.


A swivel should be kept in good repair. N.H.M., INC. repair service insures that the unit is in factory condition and that original manufactured parts are used.


Every reasonable effort is made to guard against defective material or workmanship entering into the manufacture of products by N.H.M., Inc. However in the event of failure or defective part within one year of purchase, our entire liability is limited to the value of, or replacement of such defective part within that period. N.H.M., Inc. expressively disclaims liability for incidental or consequential damages. Any modification to the manufactured products voids any expressed warranty. N.H.M., Inc. will not be responsible for bodily injury, loss of life, or property damage if such should occur in connection with the use of its products. No warranty is given on parts that are normally subject to rapid wear, such as packing, wash pipes, wear bushing, stripper rubbers, springs, bearings, etc. Seller′s total responsibility for any claims, damages, losses or liabilities arising out of, or related to, all products covered there under shall not exceed the purchase price of the products.