Weight: 21-1/2 LBS

Length: 3-1/2 API Regular

Lower Thread: 3-1/2 API IF

Hose Connection: 3″ NPT

Swivel speed depending on hydraulic G.P.M. 0 to 350 R.P.M. available torque to 1,500 FT. LB.

R.P.M. at 14.4 G.P.M.: 0-91.5
R.P.M. at 14.4 G.P.M.: 0-101.6
R.P.M. at 14.4 G.P.M.: 0-159

Max Torque at 2,000 P.S.I. pressure: 965 FT. LB.
Max Torque at 2,500 P.S.I. pressure: 1,206 FT. LB.
Max Torque at 3,000 P.S.I. pressure: 1,450 FT. LB.

Standard gear ratio 5.27:1 single reduction

Automatic breakout available for 1-1/2 CA21 or Mayhew Jr Connections

Breakout works from the hydraulic back pressure

Motor 6.9 CU. IN. hydraulic motor gear box requires 90 LBS weight gear oil.

NOTE: Wedgelock Connections covered by N.H.M., Inc. U.S. and foreign patent NO. 5,409,324; 5,588,772; 187552; and patent pending.