Mark V Side Inlet Swivel

Mark V Side Inlet SwivelNHM_catalog_15

Simplified design–one piece outer housing to eliminate misalignment, extending the packing and stem life.

Descriptive Design:

The Mark V-SI swivels were designed for applications on top head drive rigs to mount below the hydraulic assembly, preventing fluid contamination of the hydraulic fluid caused by leakage in conventional units.

All components used in the manufacture of the Mark V-SI side inlet swivel are of high-grade alloy steel with induction hardened wear areas to extend the life of the expansive stem.

The main feature is a rigid mounting of the bearings, mounted in a one-piece housing, eliminating run-out, thus extending the packing and stem life.

The strength of the unit is based upon the size of the tool joint used on the stem, as it is a one-piece design, and of the high-strength alloy steel.


  • Shoulder-to-shoulder length: 21″
  • Standard top connection: 3-1/2″ API REG
  • Standard lower connection: 3-1/2″ API IF
  • Standard inlet connection: 2″ NPT
  • Optional inlet connection: 3″ NPT